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Do you get asked to supply trailers with your machines?

Becoming a dealer for us will offer your business several advantages and opportunities. It can provide you with the opportunity to align yourself with an established brand, offer a range of high-quality products, and benefit from marketing support.

Partnering with us as your trailer dealer provides you with the perfect opportunity to supply a complete package to your customers.



Partner with an established brand

We’re an established brand in the trailer industry, and we have a reputation for manufacturing high-quality trailers that are reliable and durable and provide a pleasant towing experience.

Competitive Pricing

We strive to offer competitive pricing without compromising on the quality of our products.

As a dealer, you would benefit from our pricing structure and competitive margins, allowing you to offer attractive deals to your customers whilst maintaining healthy profit margins.

Marketing & Support

We will provide you with a package of marketing support when you become a dealer for us.

This package would include promotional materials, brochures for distribution to your customers and social media support.

Strong Customer Base

We have an established customer base, and our brand recognition can attract customers who are already familiar with our products.

We will then pass any leads that come our way to yourselves, driving traffic to your dealership, making it easier to generate leads and close sales.

Potential for Growth

As a dealer, you have the potential to be a part of the growth that we are projecting for Towmate Trailers.

By offering quality trailers and leveraging our excellent customer service, you can build your customer base and benefit from repeat business and referrals.

Regional Exclusivity

When you become a Towmate Trailers dealer, you will be given exclusivity of your area for the industry that you operate in.

This means that leads and enquiries from your area will always be filtered to yourselves to pick up on, and close.

Who Are We?

Initially a part of ATE; a family business selling trailer parts and spares, we established Towmate Trailers in 2020 after identifying a need for durable, rugged quality trailers. We have a strong passion for customer services and quality products and are a UK based manufacturer, producing our trailers in the city of Colchester in Essex.


Our Product Range

Our product range is tailored to providing the transport and towing solutions for the public utilities industry.

Whether you’re customers want a digger plant trailer, a general purpose trailer or a rolling chassis, we can help you provide your customers with the complete package; the machine and the trailer for towing and transportation. And there are more products to come…!


Equipment Dealers

We’re looking to build partnerships with dealers that sell quality brands of equipment and who don’t have an existing trailer dealership in place.


Expansion & Growth

Through our dealer network, we’re looking to expand our reach throughout the whole of the UK to be able to better meet customer demand.


Become part of our journey!

We’re on an exciting journey! Help us achieve our growth plans and come on this journey with us.



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