How is a trailer environmentally friendly?

By Tiana Bradshaw | Published on March 29, 2023 | 2 min read

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Did you know? Towing a trailer can help limit your environmental impact!

But how?

Investing in your trailer fleet is a means of increasing the capacity that you can tow / carry within your existing fleet.

  1. Number One: No Additional Vehicles Needed – First off, you don’t need to add any additional vehicles to your fleet in order to double your capacity. A trailer is also a cheaper investment than buying an additional van as well.
  2. Number Two: No Additional Fuel Needed – Secondly, a trailer has no engine! This means that there is no additional cost involved in extra fuel in order to operate the trailer.
  3. Number Three: No Exhaust Fumes Produced – Thirdly, because there is no engine, and no fuel used, there are also no exhaust fumes produced by running a trailer.
  4. Number Four: Minimal Risk to Environment – Number 4, because there are no exhaust fumes produced, there is little to no risk to the environment compared to what there would be if you were running an extra vehicle.
  5. Number Five: Minimal Impact on Fuel Consumption – Depending on the type of vehicle that you are using to tow and also the capacity of the vehicles engine, there is actually minimal impact to your fuel consumption. It is estimated that the impact could be around 12.5% reduction in fuel consumption.

What are the benefits to towing a trailer vs buying an extra van?

  1. Trailers are a cheaper investment than vans in general.
  2. Trailers within a certain size and weight can be insured for much cheaper (although keep in mind if your trailer and vehicle combination weighs more than 3.5 ton, you will need an operator’s license and the vehicle will require a tachograph).
  3. No additional drivers are needed and with the recent change in legislation (read more here!), any driver can tow up to 3.5 ton without the need to take an extra test.
  4. No additional vehicles are needed in order to increase your capacity
  5. They are simple and easy to maintain
  6. No additional road fund license is needed.