Owning a trailer: How much does it cost?

By Tiana Bradshaw | Published on August 24, 2022 | 2 min read

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One of the first thoughts you get when you think about buying a trailer is how much will it cost. Aren’t they quite expensive? This all depends on what you’re looking for but let’s break down some basic costs and information to help you make your decision.

The Initial Buying of a Trailer

The price you pay for the actual trailer depends on the type, make and model you want but here are some basic figures that may help you:

The average brand-new base trailer comes at around £3,500.00 but that is without any added extras including ramps, cages, etc. This also depends on the weight capacity and size you want the trailer to be.


This is something you’ll need to do every year and will most likely end up with some replacements and servicing needed. This can be done by yourself, but it is recommended that you see a professional for clear reasons. Having it done by a professional will cost you around £100-200 for a general service. This could save you a lot of money if you consider the damage costs if you didn’t service it properly. Keep in mind that any parts that need to be done outside of this service will cost extra – the same as when you service a car.


It isn’t actually a legal requirement to insure a trailer. Although, as it is with driving an uninsured car there are risks and it’s better to have a cover in case it gets damaged or stolen. Your car insurance can normally cover your towing equipment but make sure to be certain of this before taking it out on the roads.

Something you may not know about towing a trailer is that your insurance will only cover your trailer when it is attached to your vehicle – meaning if it is left unattended, they won’t be liable for any damages to the trailer.

Smaller trailers are cheap to insure and can only cost around £60 annually to insure, but larger trailers are classed as more high risk and can cost around £180 in annual insurance fees.

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