Landscaping trailers: A guide

By Tiana Bradshaw | Published on October 7, 2021 | 2 min read

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Your trailer must suit your needs

When buying a landscaping trailer, the forethought in your mind needs to be what you are going to use your trailer for. Are you hauling around heavy equipment such as mowers, chippers etc? Or are you loading loose material such as leaves and stones? This assessment of usage is critical for determining the spec of your trailer and what additional features you may need in order to accommodate the daily requirements of the job.

Size matters

If you are going to be hauling machinery around, you need to consider both the weight capacity of the trailer and also the dimensions. How much does your equipment weigh? How much space do you need? What other equipment do you also need to carry? After all, a trailer is rendered useless if the machinery you need doesn’t fit. Our Ram General-Duty Trailers come in a range of sizes; from 8’ x 4’ to 12’ x 6’, and weight capacities ranging from 1500kg to 3500kg.

You also need to take time to consider any tools or equipment you plan to purchase in the future, as it is better to have a trailer that can carry more than you currently need to allow for growth and expansion of business/demands.


Another important consideration when deciding on your landscaping trailer is the design and spec. Do you need hinged mesh sides? Do you require a ladder rack? Do you need a winch? If so, do you want a manual or electric one? There are a lot of options you can add to a general-duty trailer, and the Ram trailer models that we offer have an extensive range of additional features to enhance your towing experience.

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