The importance of trailer weight distribution

By Tiana Bradshaw | Published on June 5, 2019 | 3 min read

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Trailer weight distribution is essential when it comes to transporting over both long and short distances. Driving with a trailer is noticeably different to normal driving, so you should take time to practice.

More than manoeuvres

You might think that your weight distribution is only an issue when for example, you’re reversing out of a car park or pulling into your weighing station. However, the distribution of your load can have dramatic effects on your ability to drive even on straight roads. Sudden gusts of wind, turning slightly in the wrong direction or having to conduct an emergency manoeuvre will all be affected by weight distribution, so you should always bear this in mind. You should also keep in mind what you can legally tow.

The correct ratio for weight distribution

While the majority of the weight should be as close to the front of your trailer as possible, this can put unnecessary strain on the front axle of your trailer. This affects your manoeuvering ability (and could lead to more severe issues). Ideally, you want a distribution of weight that follows as close to the 60/40 rule as possible, although you will also need to check the recommendations of your trailer manufacturer.

Beyond the 60/40 weight distribution rule

With 60% of your weight positioned at the front of your trailer and 40% at the rear, your weight distribution should be at maximum efficiency. There are some extra safety precautions that you should be considering as well. One is that of securing your load using ropes and tie-downs that prevent more than just the risk of breakages. The sudden relocation of weight in your trailer could affect your ability to drive normally – and the unexpected weight shift can be enough to cause an accident.

Always follow the specifications of the manufacturer and never go over the maximum weight load that is advised. Weight is one of the most important factors when it comes to towing a trailer – and yet it is often dismissed when it comes to loading up.

Having a Towmate trailer can make your transport experience easier. With the range of styles and sizes available, there’s no doubt that you will be able to find a trailer to suits your needs. Always remember your basic checks, and make your trailer loading as safe as possible.

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