A guide: How to check your trailer before a journey

By Tiana Bradshaw | Published on January 1, 2019 | 2 min read

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Safety whilst towing a trailer is paramount, so we’ve put together the following to help you check your trailer:

Download the visual and the text checklists!

Why daily checks are important

Failing to properly maintain your vehicle can have implications on your insurance, lead to fines, job loss and more if an accident occurs.

When doing these checks, you should make sure they are recorded. Even if there are no issues with the vehicle, record this until the vehicle has its next service.

When issues arise, reports should be made in case claims are to be made on the insurance. The report must include the registration, details of the issue, the reporter’s name, who it has been reported to and the date the issue was found. To help you check off each part of the trailer as you go, we’ve created a visual checklist here and one here, if you’re more of a lists person!

What you should check:

• Head/eye check wear/shape
• That the bellows are not split
• The breakaway cable is not snagged and the clips are secured
• Ensure your jockey wheel is not excessively worn and is securely in place
• Make sure the electrical lead is snag-free
• All warning and safety stickers are visible
• All lights are all operational
• Make sure reflectors are all in position
• Wheel nut indicators are aligned, not damaged and nut torque levels are correct
• Ensure ramp locking pins in place
• Check your tyre pressure
• The mudguards are secure with no breaks
• Make sure deck rings are secure and not rusted
• Check number plate clips are secure with no rust

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