Trailer security: A guide

By Tiana Bradshaw | Published on February 6, 2021 | 3 min read

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Security is becoming increasingly important in today’s world, even more so when considering high-value assets such as a trailer, caravan or other towable equipment. However, several different devices and products are available on the market to help ensure your belongings are kept safe and secure. Below, we detail a few of the security products on offer.

Wheel Clamps

Wheel clamps are designed to immobilise the trailer’s wheels or the wheels of whatever vehicle they are applied to, rendering it nearly impossible to move. There are many benefits in that they are an instant visual deterrent to thieves. For more information on how to ensure you choose the right wheel clamp for your caravan, trailer or motorhome, for more information on wheel clamps read this blog here.

Hitch Locks

A hitch lock is also a visible theft deterrent. A good quality hitch lock works to prevent thieves from attempting to hitch up your caravan or trailer and towing it away. Hitch locks are also sometimes required for insurance in some circumstances, so be sure to check your insurance policies. In most cases, it is recommended to combine a hitch lock with a wheel clamp for added protection.

Security Posts

Another effective security device is the use of a security post. If your trailer is being kept overnight in a very visible area, either in your driveway or on commercial premises, a worthwhile investment to make would be installing a security post. These posts are set in concrete and act as a blockade to stop your trailer or caravan being moved. There are several options available, including fold down or removable posts.

Locking Wheel Nuts

Locking wheel nuts are another way to immobilise your trailer or caravan’s wheels. These wheel nuts replace the lug nuts on the outside of the wheel and are only removable with a special key.

GPS Trackers

Lastly, a good investment to make is a GPS tracker that can be installed on your trailer and caravan and is extremely useful should your trailer get stolen. Our Towm8 GPS trackers enable you to check your trailer’s location at any time and are extremely useful for live track and trace to ensure safe recovery of your trailer.

There are a number of ways to ensure your trailer is as secure as possible. Most are discussed above, but it is important to note that it is worth checking with your insurance company as to what devices are required as part of the policy.