Unveiling LaySafe®: The Game-Changing Innovation For Laying Coil Pipe

By Tiana Bradshaw | Published on February 6, 2024 | 3 min read

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People are still being injured.

In the public utilities industry, being aware of the leading problem and dangers around laying coiled pipe using a pipe trailer is pivotal.

Due to the stored energy in the coil of pipe being released during the unwinding process, operators are potentially exposed to risk of unexpected movement, which can result in serious injury.

That’s why, Towmate Trailers are excited to announce the recent addition of LaySAFE® to our range.

Following the death of a worker on a HS2 site in Birmingham last year, it has become increasingly clearer that further safety measures need to be put in place to protect those working with coil pipe on construction sites.

What is LaySAFE®?

LaySAFE® provides a safer and more effective method to dispense coiled pipe. Designed to eliminate risk of injury, it has been designed specifically to fit to Towmate’s Raptor 180 pipe trailer. It can be used effectively on pipes down to 125mm diameter.

Until LaySAFE®, the only alternative solution to safely laying pipe was and, for many, still is a long-winded process, requiring more prolonged excavation. The “solution” involves welding and joining “sticks” of pipe together. Not only is this method more time-consuming, it requires more space and also increases the risk of failure due to the number of joints necessary to connect the pipe.

LaySAFE® works by feeding the coiled pipe through a series of rollers at the rear of the trailer and into the trench. The rollers remove the stored energy, leaving the pipe in an inert, safe state during dispensing. The configuration of the rollers also ensures that the pipe is re-rounded in the process, removing the hassle of ovalisation. This ensures a sound connection either to the next coil of pipe or to a valve.

Combining the novel chute design and correctly using the centre disc to retain the trailing end, the coiled pipe is better stabilised and allows for efficient pipe control whilst dispensing.

A spokesperson from NWG Living Water told our team that “LaySAFE® now allows us to lay pipes far much more efficiently, and more importantly, eliminates the historic Health and Safety risks associated with pulling coiled pipes from trailers. We provided feedback in the early development of the product and used it in early trials throughout 2021. LaySAFE® will go on to be a huge benefit to the whole pipe laying industry.’’

Watertight Management Ltd are returning customers, and they “…will be testing the third version over the coming weeks, but V2 is good enough in any regard as we’ve pulled 1.5k’s of 180 protectaline SDR 11 (so the toughest version) so far without issue and the pipe leaving the trailer flat, without memory and violent energy is clearly an outstanding result – job done!”

Don’t let safety slip. Elevate the industry with our game-changing product.

For more information or to enquire about the LaySAFE® system, contact our specialists today at 01206 484530 or by emailing