What are the benefits of a pipe trailer?

By Tiana Bradshaw | Published on June 19, 2019 | 3 min read

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When transporting goods, it’s always easier to carry a square box! Boxes are easily stacked and safely secured with ease. However, when working in the transportation industry, packages are often more complicated than an average box! Drivers face the challenge of transporting many shapes and sizes of product from one destination to another. The more unusual the shape, size or weight, the more variables need considering. When you’re regularly transporting unusual goods, it is wise to invest in specialised transport solutions. If you are moving free-standing coils of pipe, there is no option better than transporting these items using a pipe trailer.

First off, what are pipe trailers?

Pipe trailers offer the ability to safely and securely transport coil pipes commonly used in construction. Their unique design is different from any other trailer, which is critical for the safe moving of pipe. Towmate pipe trailers adhere to all current UK and European requirements, which is ideal for companies who work nationally and internationally.

If you are transporting gas or water utility pipes,  look for a pipe trailer that complies with W.I.S., G.I.S and VOSA 02 category trailer and type approval requirements. Type approval refers to the regulatory body requirements for both safety and environmental standards concerning the trailer in question. They differ depending on the type of trailer, so it is important that you make sure your trailer is qualified to transport what you need it to.

So, what are the benefits of a Pipe Trailer?

Firstly, they are ideal for free-standing coils:

Pipe trailers are ideal to use when transporting free-standing coils. These pipes are commonly used within the utilities sector as they are key for transporting water, electricity and gas. These pipes are long, must be coiled and should stand upright for easy transportation and use on-site. Pipe trailers can help with the installation of these pipes as well and can be used for pipe insertion, pipe bursting, open trench pipe laying and horizontal directional drilling (HDD).

Secondly, they are easy to use:

Pipe trailers offer more than just the ability to transport pipes from one destination to another safely. They offer smooth transportation and the ability to dispense the pipe on-site, meaning workers can use the pipe with ease. Due to the ‘load-over-the-top’ design of the pipe trailer, it can easily transport and dispense up to 500 metres of pipe.

And they have an innovative design and features:

Our pipe trailers include light boards, re-rounders, winch frames, centre disks and pipe end clamps. HyPower pipe trailers are hydraulically powered, making the loading, transportation, and dispensing of the pipe an easy job.

Never underestimate the challenge of transporting a unique item. Even if you do manage to get your pipe from one location to another in another trailer, there is still then the difficulty of unloading it and uncoiling it for use. Therefore, the more sophisticated the pipe trailer model, the easier, safer and more secure the pipe and those working with it will be.

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